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Meet Judy

Judy Kao is an energy expert with over 30 years of experience. A fated car accident left her paralyzed, this led her to search and study with top energy experts from world ancient traditions, modern science, and quantum nutrition. She was a top executive at SAP AG and other fortune 100 companies for over 20 years. After a burnout, she went back to school to pursue her life’s mission - to help people live a life that is worth living by empowering them to gain the greatest level of clarity, balance, and power. Today, she is a Certified High Performance Coach, Certified Brain Health Coach by Amen Clinic, and Licensed Acupuncturist who's helping people to live their fullest potentials.

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"I am more alive, present and in love with myself and my life. Thanks to Judy's coaching, the QE and the meditations."

- Astrid Koblanck. CEO, UE AG

"One of the elite high performance trainers in the world."

– Brendon Burchard. CEO High Performance Academy 


The QE (KEY) - 925 Silver Bio Energy Device

1 Key to master your energy system, and to master your life.

The QE (Key) is a homing device for us to remember to claim our personal power and inner freedom.

We desire the freedom of choice—time freedom, emotional freedom, social freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom. Only two enemies stand in our way: an external enemy, imposed by the social conditioning of who we are, limited by other people's definitions, and an internal enemy, a sort of repeating tendencies caused by our own doubt and fear from the past - unconscious automatic behaviours. To break free of these, we need to have energy coherence to generate a new paradigm of thoughts and feelings.

The QE (Key) enables you to harmonize your energy, expand your consious awareness, so that you can exercise your freedom of choice. Expert energy and high performance trainer Judy Kao created the QE to support humankind in the pursuit of greater INNER Freedom. 

25mm QE energy in 925 Sterling Silver bezel with crystal glass tile, on the back 19mm Stone of light 98% carbon mineral. 925 Sterling silver chain. 


Featured Programs

Certified High Performance Coaching

Get rigorously trained by Judy Kao, the world’s leading high performance coach

This is your opportunity to receive the highest-level coaching in the world. This is the same framework used to coach Fortune 50 CEOs, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robins, and many other elite ambitious leaders around the globe. 


Secret to Rejuvenation

Energy mastery training to master your life

To master your life you got to master your energy. This program teaches you ancient and modern energy sciences for you to become the operator of your inner technology. In doing so, you master your health and wellbeing and your relationships and you will have the ability to live from limitless potentials.


Featured Books

The Connected Life

3 Key framework to live in harmony with the natural cycles of life.

This ebook is a guide for living with the natural cycle of life based on the Chinese medicine five elements. When you live in accordance to the elemental energies that function within, health and wellbeing is the result. When you are out of step with them, dis-ease and stress arise. 





Soul Healing Food - Live the Web of Love

Activating your inner sense awareness to know what you need

This book is a guide to feast using your imagination and expanded senses to love your food. To engage with your food with body/mind/soul/spirit and reconnect with your inner nature so that you know when, what and how much to eat to stay healthy and well. 

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